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I am proud to be British. Britain is a wonderful country. Its people are tolerant and compassionate. Yet we are insidiously losing our sovereignty to an unelected foreign power. Currently in the region of 75% of our laws are made by unelected bureaucrats and rubber stamped by the European Parliament. This figure will only increase, as the “ever closer union” continues.

The endless rules and regulations cost untold millions to British businesses, and are especially onerous to small businesses who are swamped with red tape. Small businesses don’t want endless quangos set up to help them – they just want less regulations to contend with so that they can do what they are good at – creating jobs and boosting the economy. I run my business from my own home, but even I was effected by the nonsense of the “EU Cookie Directive”, which was a particularly badly thought out directive, created by bureaucrats who apparently didn’t understand how the internet works.

But UKIP is so much more than just being an anti EU party now. I support a party that wants the same opportunities available to everyone, regardless of their background. Since the last cabinet reshuffle, the Department for Education is run exclusively by people who were privately educated. How can this be fair or democratic? UKIP will increase social mobility by the reintroduction of Grammar Schools to give children from poorer backgrounds the opportunity to get the best education possible. UKIP will also remove the hated and ill thought out bedroom tax, which has caused such hardship, especially in Stockton North. UKIP will also make the tax system fairer, with people on the minimum wage paying no tax or national insurance at all.

Locally in Stockton, we have seen North Tees hospital stretched to breaking point with the closure of the A&E  and maternity units at Hartlepool, whilst the building of a new hospital at Wynyard has been delayed and scaled back. UKIP in the area are campaigning to have Hartlepool A&E and maternity units reopened.

Labour is no longer the party of the working class, and Stockton North’s problems are the result of over thirty years of neglect by the Labour Party.  UKIP is the only party that will tackle mass immigration, that has contributed to wage deflation and seen many of our young people join the long term unemployed. UKIP will introduce a fairer, non discriminatory points system, such as those used by countries like Australia, which allow entry visas on merit only. UKIP also want to create more vocational training for young people that will make them more employable.

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