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I am 53 years old and I have been married to Andy for more than 30 years. We have two children, Sam and Tomson.

I was brought up in Baildon, a village near Bradford in West Yorkshire. I have lived in Yarm since 2001. We moved to the area when my husband, Andy, relocated to a job with Huntsman Petrochemicals in Billingham.

My family has an interesting history – my father, a German Jew, left Germany in 1939 on the last train out, three days before the start of World War 2. As a member of the Ort School, he was allowed refugee status and entry into England, which had been campaigned for by Colonel Levy in the British Army. His exit visa was signed by Adolf Eichmann. Sadly, his parents were not so lucky, so I never knew my paternal grandparents.

After spending three weeks in Kitchener camp in Kent, my father and his best friend were relocated to Leeds, where my father met my (Jewish) mother. They lived together happily ever after until my father died at the age of 49, when I was just 6 years old.  I do have strong memories of him though.

I went to the local comprehensive school, Salt Grammar School, where I passed four A levels and then went on to graduate from Bath University with an honours degree in Statistics. Since then, I worked as a Statistician for 10 years, lived as an expat in Belgium for five and a half years and set up my own internet marketing business.

I became a Pilates instructor initially to help Andy who has a degenerative disease of the spine. So I understand what it’s like to support someone with a painful disability day in, day out. I also teach Step Aerobics – because I love it!

My hobbies include fitness, music, fashion, chess and writing.

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For media enquiries please contact me on 07941 937269, WhatsApp or email mandy@boylett.com.

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Mandy Boylett
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