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Politics can be so dry sometimes, can’t it? Politicians shouting and belittling each other, alienating many people. Yet we have a fundamental issue facing the UK. On June 23rd, we will have a referendum to determine whether we will stay in or leave the EU. I strongly believe that leaving the EU is the best course of action for the UK. I feel that David Cameron having to “renegotiate” the return of powers from Brussels to Westminster is humiliating for this proud, supposedly democratic nation. In the end, he asked for nothing and got less – a failure by anyone’s standards.

The purpose of my video, above, is to capture everyone’s imagination with some of the reasons I believe we should leave the EU – a “musical parody” of a party political broadcast. I’m hoping that what I miss out on vocally I make up for with humour.

I do hope you enjoy it. And remember, the EU has taken all our fish.

PS The blonde in the video is me in a wig, in case you were wondering.

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