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I was invited onto BBC Radio Tees today to talk about UKIP’s defence policy. This was the first time I have been interviewed on the radio. You can tell I was nervous to start off with, but I relaxed as the interview progressed and hopefully got over the key points of UKIP’s defence policy – that UKIP will commit to spending 2% of GDP on defence, more than what Labour or the Tories are offering, which would amount to an increase of £16 billion over the next parliament. UKIP will also look after our veterans, giving them priority on housing, help with mental health issues and employment. You can read UKIP’s defence policy here.

Here is the inteview:

David Cameron has been telling UKIP voters “it’s time to come home”.  How arrogant and out of touch he is. Here in Stockton North, UKIP has been making gains across the whole political spectrum. Certainly, a huge part of the support has come from former Labour voters, attracted by our policies on the minimum wage (those on minimum wage will pay not tax or national insurance), housing (no to the bedroom tax) and, of course, immigration. I have heard first hand stories of how some people in Billingham lost their jobs to cheap foreign labour.

If I’ve been doing a good job of getting my message across to those in the area who used to vote Conservative, they will understand that Stockton North is a two horse race between UKIP and Labour. So in this constituency, a vote for the Conservatives is in fact a vote for Labour. Rather than return to the Conservative ranks, and find themselves run by a puppet Ed Miliband with Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon pulling the strings, former Conservative voters need to stay with their new home, UKIP, the only party that Believes in Britain.

Nigel Farage has been condemned by the most of the political class – ie Lib/Lab/Con/Greens, for daring to suggest that we should not treat foreigners for free on the NHS and that we should not, like 46 other countries, admit foreigners who are HIV positive.

Let’s just have a look at the figures. The cost of treating an HIV positive patient is about £20,000 a year. Public Health England have estimated that there are over 100,000 people in the UK who are HIV positive, some 60% of whom are originally from Africa. The cost to the NHS to treat these patients with anti retroviral drugs alone is over £1 billion a year, and these numbers are continuing to rise.

In addition, 29% of people in a recent YouGov survey blamed health tourism for long waits at A&E.

The NHS has finite resources and it is a National Health Service – not an international one.

Is it not common sense to provide the very best treatments possible for those who have paid into the system and not provide foreign aid through a different means to the rest of the world?

It’s time we stop being politically correct and start saying what needs to be said to keep Britain Great.

Read this report on Guido Fawkes.

I today received this letter from a UKIP supporter:

When I went to visit my elderly mother this morning, I noticed that she had received a glossy pamphlet sent to her by name form Alex Cunningham, the sitting Labour MP for Stockton North. I believe this is the first time she has ever received anything from him.

My mam was born in 1926, the year of the General Strike. She was brought up in the 1930s in extreme poverty. After the war she married my father and worked as a cleaner in the NHS and he was a labourer at British Steel. They always voted Labour, as did all of their family and neighbours. It would have been unthinkable during the post-war decades for them to vote for anyone else.

My mother is now 88 years old, three years ago she had a stroke and only has the use of her left arm and needs 24 hour care. However, she is still very much mentally alert. This may be the last time she ever votes in a General Election. When I asked her who she was voting for she said UKIP. I asked her if she was sure and she said yes “because I like what they are trying to do”.

She understands that Labour once did a good job for working class people, but this was many years ago. Now people like my mother feel that ordinary people like her have been betrayed by Labour and recognise that UKIP offers the only alternative.

On April 1st, Labour leader Ed Miliband vowed to end zero hours contracts that ‘undermine living standards and family life’.

What Mr Miliband omitted to mention is that many Labour run councils and 68 Labour MPs, including Stockton North’s MP Alex Cunningham, use zero hours contracts.

The spread of zero hours contracts is yet another symptom of the over-supply of labour for working class jobs because of open door immigration from the EU. Large employers have been able to bid down both pay and conditions because they know that workers can be found in southern and eastern Europe who will accept inferior terms.

UKIP believes in a blanket ban on exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts together with a minimum notice period of 12 hours that must be given by a company as regards the next shift it needs a zero hours worker to do.

Also, after a year on a zero hours contract a worker should be entitled to demand a transfer to a fixed hours contract or permanent post. However, UKIP would exempt small businesses from this final point.

As you are probably aware, the leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage, was not invited to take part in last night’s programme on Sky, where David Cameron and Ed Miliband answered questions put to them by a studio audience.

Next week, we will be treated to the now infamous “seven way” debate – and further down the line, a Question Time style head to head. There’s even a grassroots petition calling for Nigel Farage to be included in this programme. (I’ve signed it. Have you?)

But what was clear from last night is that the two legacy parties are in complete agreement with one another:

  • On Immigration
    they want to continue with our open borders with the European Union;
  • On Spending
    they’ll all continue to increase Britain’s debt, and leave it to our children and grandchildren;
  • On Defence
    they want to cut our armed forces, yet keep sending them into foreign wars, under equipped;
  • On Europe
    they want continued membership, false “renegotiations”
  • On Foreign Aid
    they want to keep spending British money propping up foreign governments.

The list goes on and on, and on and on…

On May 7th, we have a chance to secure some REAL change. Make sure you’re registered to vote for that change.

I received this letter from a UKIP supporter who grew up in Hardwick.

I do appreciate that Labour turned up along with Ted, Gordon, John and myself. I know that you were in Blackpool that night (NB: I was at the UKIP North West conference in Blackpool which had all been prebooked.)

But after what Mr Cunningham said that night, my scepticism of Labour is even more intense.

I am from Hardwick myself. My mam and dad were one of the first families to move to that estate – I think in the late 50s, before I was born. I used to be a regular in the Sheraton Pub and when my dad died in 1999 we had his wake in there. It makes my blood boil the way that Labour have betrayed working class people and have muscled in on the threatened closure of the last pub on the Hardwick estate, when it was Ted and Gordon who stood up and spoke for local people.

I don’t believe that Cooke and Cunningham give a damn about the Sheraton pub and the people who live on Hardwick. The people I grew up with and most of my family still live there. I hope that you win Stockton North and give these people an MP who really cares and will stand up for them.

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