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Labour Leaflet Distributed in Clacton

Labour Leaflet Distributed in Clacton

How can anyone believe a word that Labour says when they distribute this rubbish about UKIP policies in Clacton?

To be clear:

  • UKIP will continue to make the NHS free at the point of access.
  • UKIP would not scrap your holiday leave.
  • UKIP would not charge you to see your GP (although Labour’s Lord Winston has suggested charging £200 for a GP visit), according to an article in the Daily Mail.
  • UKIP does not support a flat rate of tax. And UKIP is the party that will reduce tax and national insurance contributions to zero for those on the minimum wage.

It has been well publicised that the by-election for Clacton, caused by the defection of Douglas Carswell to UKIP, and his subsequent resignation, will be held on October 9th. It is also no secret that UKIP are widely expected to win this by-election, due to their popularity in the constituency and Douglas Carswell’s personal popularity.

However, it has just been announced that there will be another by-election on the same day, which has been triggered by the death of Labour MP Jim Dobbin, who died on Saturday, aged 73. The fact that Labour have announced the date of the by-election before Jim Dobbin’s funeral breaches protocol and is disrespectful to his memory. It should be pointed out here that when the Tories announced a by-election date before a funeral had taken place, hypocritical Labour accused them of being disrespectful.

It seems that Labour are running so scared of UKIP beating them in this seat that they want to make sure that our people’s army’s resources are divided. Whilst Paul Nuttall, our deputy leader, accused Labour of “shoddy politics”, Steven Woolfe, UKIP MEP for the North West, told Granada Reports that Labour had shown “a cynical and disrespectful attitude to decency by calling an election on the 9th October.”

“They are more concerned in holding a quick election, no doubt to prevent a full campaign by UKIP who are breathing down their necks and allow the constituents an opportunity to fully test the principles and values of any candidate,” he added.

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