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Trevor Shonk's garage vandalised by fascistsWhat is the definition of a fascist? A simple enough question, you might think. There are various definitions on the internet, and academics are always arguing about the nuances, but the one I am going to use here is from The Free Dictionary:  a fascist is (someone who believes in the) violent suppression of the opposition.

UKIP supporters are frequently described as being “fascist” by the hard left, but have you ever heard of Ukippers behaving in a violent manner towards those who disagree with us? No! Yet here are some examples of the many incidences of the hard left behaving in a “fascist” manner towards UKIP:

  • UKIP shops being vandalised, daubed with graffiti and windows smashed, such as that which occurred in the UKIP shops in Chorley, Kidderminster, Herne Bay, Basingstoke and Blyth.
  • Vandalism of homes belonging to Ukippers, including hate attacks on the home of Trevor Shonk, a UKIP Kent county councillor who is now the Mayor of Ramsgate. It would appear that the cowardly attack on Trevor’s home was an attempt to intimidate UKIP activists.
  • A “demonstration” by the hard left when Nigel Farage was attempting to open a new shop for Jane Collins MEP in Rotherham. Nigel had to abandon his planned public appearance because of protests outside his party’s office. He had been due to cut a ribbon at the office but on police advice he was forced to remain inside for his own safety.
  • Nigel Farage was also forced to abandon a press conference at the Canon’s Gait pub on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh when he was visiting Scotland, due to ugly protests from SNP supporters.
  • Nigel Farage and his family, including his children, were forced out of a pub at the Queen’s Head in Kent by anti-UKIP demonstrators, who even jumped on the bonnet of his car as he escaped.
  • Douglas Carswell, our MP, was jostled and taunted by “anti-austerity” (aka hard left) protesters whilst he was waiting for a bus near the Houses of Parliament. Had the police not been on hand, he could have suffered serious injury or worse from the “lynch mob” he found himself surrounded by. Ironically, as Douglas tried to leave, he was confronted by one of the protesters, who repeatedly told him “don’t come this way, fascist”.
  • Most recently, UKIP has been banned from representation at the annual Gay Pride Parade in London. Reading between the lines, it appears that the organisers were originally happy for UKIP LGBT members to attend. However, whilst the organisers maintained that Pride in London aims to be “an inclusive event”, their “paramount concern” was “the position (they) would be putting (their) volunteer stewards in.” In a nutshell, some of the hard left were expected to cause trouble were UKIP supporters allowed to attend and the organisers therefore felt they had no option but to capitulate to the bullies.

So I return once more to my original question, in today’s Britain, who are the fascists? It’s certainly not the UKIP supporters.


One Response to In today’s Britain, who are the fascists?

  • Amazing times we live in – aren’t they? “Up” is “Down” … “Down” is “Up” … or so we’re expected to believe.

    We are seeing the exact same thing here in America with peaceful Trump supporters, including handicapped ones, including gay ones, including Hispanic ones – being attacked in the streets by the ultra-left, non-producers.

    What no one seems to understand though – is that every time the attacks on Trump and his supporters occurs – Trump’s poll numbers GO UP! It’s because the “silent majority” of PRODUCING people in the U.S. are being introduced to the ugliness the American left has become through these violent images.

    I very well suspect the same kind of dynamic is happening in the UK.

    Good luck to you!

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