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Labour Leaflet Distributed in Clacton

Labour Leaflet Distributed in Clacton

How can anyone believe a word that Labour says when they distribute this rubbish about UKIP policies in Clacton?

To be clear:

  • UKIP will continue to make the NHS free at the point of access.
  • UKIP would not scrap your holiday leave.
  • UKIP would not charge you to see your GP (although Labour’s Lord Winston has suggested charging £200 for a GP visit), according to an article in the Daily Mail.
  • UKIP does not support a flat rate of tax. And UKIP is the party that will reduce tax and national insurance contributions to zero for those on the minimum wage.

2 Responses to Labour Distributing False Information in Clacton By-election

  • Hi Mandy.
    You know we disagree about politics but also know I wish you well.

    What I detest about all politicians is that they parrot so called facts from the dear Daily Mail and Express etc without checking back to the original source. I had hoped you would be different but your comment about Lord Winston suggesting a charge of £200 for a GP visit is wrong.

    I can’t find the original comment but even the DM (god bless them) doesn’t say this. What he does say apparently is that a higher charge than £10 to £20 would make people value the service and he then apparently says that the actual cost of a HOSPITAL visit is around £200. At no point can I find where he says a patient should be charged £200 for each GP visit which is what you say on your website.

    Can you point me to the original quote please so I can better inform myself?

    • In the Daily Mail article under the photo of Lord Winston it says (and I quote) “Patients should be charged £200 to see their GP so they ‘learn to appreciate the NHS’, fertility expert Robert Winston has said”.

      As far as I am aware Lord Winston has not complained about this.

      However, thanks for your comment. It does appear from the context of the article that Lord Winston may have been referring to the cost of seeing a doctor in a hospital – but what is without a doubt true is that it is Labour politicians who have lied about UKIP wanting to charge for the NHS, whilst it is Labour politicians who have been suggesting it. In fact, you can view Hazel Blears on national TV here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nl9d5yrkW4&list=LLXtD_c7-En4ucnkp0aJKBbQ#t=343

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