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Yesterday (2nd November) was the day, which to my mind had come around all too soon. Full of trepidation, I was strapped up and helmeted, then made my ascent up the steps to the top of the Transporter Bridge with two other people, all of us determined to fulfill our promises to abseil off the Transporter Bridge and raise money for Butterwick Hospice, a worthy local charity.

The higher we climbed, the windier it got, and at the top we attached ourselves to the railings so we didn’t get blown off. I edged my way over to the precipice when it was my turn, glancing anxiously at the fastenings to make sure they were all done up properly, as you do.

The most scary bit was when you climb over the edge and start to descend. But once I got going, it was just pure, unadultered fun. Never mind being 50, I felt more like I was five as I plummeted to earth more quickly that Ed Miliband’s ratings after eating a bacon sandwich.

There’s a video below, and a photo gallery with some of the other lovely people present at the event.

There’s still time to donate to Butterwick Hospice, by visiting Just Giving or you can text UKIP99 £2 to 70070 to donate £2.

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