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In this week’s Gazette the present MP for Stockton North, Alex Cunningham, says that I need to be “serious about politics”.  He says that he is looking forward to debating the issues with me. However actions speak louder than words.


On 14 November 2014 Mr Cunningham asked on his online profile about UKIP’s policy on privatising the NHS.   I answered him and said: “It is actually a Labour peer, Lord Winston, who suggested charging to see your GP and Labour who think that it is a good idea to privatise the NHS via PFIs – Private Finance Initiatives. The clue is in the name. The NHS is now repaying £300 billion over 25 years for a £50 billion loan. Only UKIP says no more PFIs.”


I also pointed out that we would save £2 billion a year by getting rid of health tourism, insisting that all visitors to the UK have NHS approved travel insurance.

If he wants to be serious about politics then maybe Mr Cunningham should not have deleted the answers that I gave to him – which he has. This is not an isolated instance.  I also asked many more questions of him.  All have been deleted without debate.


Recently he knocked on the door of a local resident, and told them that UKIP would privatise the NHS!   Is he serious?

Mandy Boylett sings Celebrate the PurpleMy version of Abba’s Chiquitita hit the mainstream media yesterday, being featured first on Guido Fawkes, followed by other online outlets including HuffingtonPost, The Telegraph and the BBC.

The printed version from our local paper, The Gazette, is shown below  (click on the image to read it full size):150307 Gazette Mandy KaraokeThe full words to the song are reproduced here:

David Cameron, tell me what’s wrong?
Your MPs don’t really want you
In their eyes
You’re still in love with the EU
Oh that 1.7 billion
There is no way you won’t pay it
I can see that you think that we won’t notice

David Cameron, tell me the truth
Cos you can’t keep on deceiving
Your MPs
They will really keep on leaving
You were always sure of yourself
Now I see you’ve lost your direction
Saying, yes Angela, will lose you the election

Alex Cunningham, you and I know
How elections come and they go but this time you’re leaving
You’ll lose your safe Labour seat
To the UKIP girl
You will have no time for grieving
Alex Cunningham you’re gonna cry
Because Stockton North is turning purple around you
Over thirty years neglect will come to an end
And we’ll celebrate the purple
Thirty years will come to an end
And we’ll celebrate the purple

So the walls came tumbling down
Your campaign’s a blown out candle
All is gone and it seems too hard to handle
Alex Cunningham tell me the truth
There is no way you can deny it
With yet another smear to try to keep me quiet

If you enjoyed the song, or even if you didn’t, I’d love it if you could make a donation to my chosen local charity, Butterwick Hospice. Text UKIP99 plus the amount you want to donate to 70070. Eg, to donate £2, text UKIP99 £2 to 70070.




150226 Northern Echo HAS (MB)On Monday, hundreds of workers gathered at Wilton’s Sita Sembcorp plant to protest against low pay.

The Unite union said that protestors were concerned about foreign workers being used to undercut the wages of local workers.
Unite supports the Labour party. Ed Miliband has said a clear “no” to a referendum on our membership of the EU.

Unite also supports our membership of the EU. It is hypocritical of them to complain about the effect of foreign workers on wage rates, because nothing can be done about this problem while we remain inside the European Union.

UKIP supports controlled immigration on a points based system such as that used in Australia, not an open door policy which has led to wage deflation for manual workers. If Unite was really concerned about their workers on Teesside, they’d be campaigning for the same policy.

This letter was printed in the Northern Echo on 26th February.

My husband Andy was helping me leaflet today. Here is a funny story he told me…

A Labour councillor was out delivering Labour leaflets. He didn’t know me.
“Hello” I said, “You are a councillor aren’t you?”
“Yes” he said.
“What’s your policy on immigration?” I asked (sniggering under my breath).
“Errrrr”, “errrr”.
“You’re not allowed to mention immigration are you?” I helpfully added.
“You have to switch the subject to the NHS” I added.
“Oh yes, the NHS, we ……” he started, but was interrupted by me..
“Hang on, I want to hear your immigration policy first” I said.
“UKIP will privatise the NHS” he added.
“That’s not a great immigration policy”.
“You just can’t say anything can you?” I added helpfully.
“You don’t have an immigration policy, you have an open door policy”.
“Is all you say errrrrr?” I said.
“I was telling you about the NHS,” he said.
“No you weren’t, you were lying about UKIP” I said. “Would you like one of our UKIP leaflets?”, I added brandishing one in front of him, “It says UKIP will NOT privatise the NHS, unlike Labour who already have”.
Just as he went to get hold of it I said “Well you’re not having one”.

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It was my pleasure to attend the UKIP North East Conference in Hartlepool on Saturday 7th February. The event was well attended and included a speech from UKIP’s leader, Nigel Farage, in which he stated that he expects Hartlepool to be one of UKIP’s first seats in Westminster. The feeling is though, that UKIP will generally do very well in the North of England, coming at least second in many seats; it now is the main opposition party to Labour in this region, which reinforces the “two horse race” message on my second leaflet for Stockton North.

It is clear that we have a real chance of also winning Stockton North and it’s certainly true to say – Vote Tory, get Labour – Vote UKIP, get UKIP. From the support I’ve been seeing on the streets when I’ve been out and about I am confident I have an excellent chance of taking the seat from Alex Cunningham.

Policies discussed at the conference included, of course, the NHS, where Louise Bours and other speakers reiterated the UKIP commitment to keep the NHS free at the point of need and delivery, alongside the commitment to give an extra £3 billion to the NHS and keep it separate from the current TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) negotiations. We will save £2 billion on health tourism by insisting that visitors to the UK have an NHS approved insurance policy – in the same way as we have to buy travel insurance when we go abroad. UKIP is also committed to making hospital car parking free in England. It was pointed out time and time again that it was Labour that started the privatisation of the NHS through expensive PFI (Private Finance Initiative) agreements, through which Labour signed deals to borrow £50 billion to build new hospitals that will cost the country £300 billion to repay. UKIP has promised no new PFIs.

Locally, Phillip Broughton, the UKIP parliamentary candidate for Hartlepool, emphasised our commitment to keeping Hartlepool and North Tees hospitals open. We will reopen closed departments and reinvest in these hospitals, as opposed to supporting a PFI funded hospital in Wynyard.

I was honoured to chair the afternoon session and introduced, amongst others, Melanie Hurst, our prospective candidate for Wansbeck, who gave some persuasive arguments as to why women should vote UKIP. I also introduced Paul Nuttall, our deputy leader. Paul, who will be standing as MP for Bootle in the General Election, gave a powerful speech about “Taking on Labour in their Heartland” and criticised the Labour elite for becoming detached from ordinary people. He said most of them would fail the working man’s club test. I mean, could you see Ed Miliband enjoying a pint in the Billingham Synthonia Club?

The subject of Halal and Kosher meat is headline news once again as UKIP has announced a new policy – to support the BVA and RSPCA in calling for a ban on non-stun slaughter.

I am the UKIP PPC for Stockton North and proud to be Jewish. I am a secular Jew and do not follow the Kosher laws.

In the Jewish religion, the present day Jewish leaders have declared that administering an electric shock to an animal prior to shehitah (Kosher slaughtering) is prohibited, because it incapacitates the animal and renders it a trefah (an animal unfit to eat). And hence the current dilemma.

The rules regarding Kosher meat were adopted during a time when the wrong preparation of food could easily cause illness or death and were, I believe, designed to provide protection.

It could also be possible that the Kosher rules were not to do with safety and were purely developed around religious interpretation. Either way, I don’t think it makes any difference to my arguments below as to whether the rules were for safety, religion or a mix of the two.

My belief is that it is right that an animal should be slaughtered in the most humane way possible. So what does this mean for Kosher laws?

An animal that is stunned by electric shock is rendered temporarily unconscious, or asleep. The animal is not dead, it is not injured and it continues to live totally unharmed at this point. The animal’s heart is still beating and if it were now left alone it would quickly wake up and continue its life unharmed. Surely, one could therefore argue that the animal is not trefah? Electrical stunning did not exist at the time the Kosher laws were established, but the whole spirit of the Kosher laws were designed to prevent the animal from suffering. Would it be so wrong to update the laws to include electrical stunning before slaugher, or it is forbidden for me even to raise this as an issue to be debated?

In conclusion, we are in the 21st century now and have moved a long way forward from whence our ancestors started. They developed rules within the knowledge they had at the time to best help their society move forward. So what I would like to see now is that we continue to move forward and make small but meaningful changes that ensure we continue to develop and integrate with modern British society. Is it such a big change for an animal to be sleeping when slaughtered instead of awake?

Amjad Bashir PetitionNine months ago, the voters of Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire voted for a UKIP MEP to represent them in the European Parliament. It was the political parties themselves that then decided the individuals who would represent them if the party was successful in the elections.

It is completely undemocratic when the voters voted for UKIP, to find themselves just nine months later with a Conservative MEP.

Because UKIP won the election and not Amjad Bashir, he should do the honourable thing and resign.

Sign my petition here:

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