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UKIP launches its Election Campaign in the North East


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Disabled parking in Stockton

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Coverage of Alex Cunningham's letter to me

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Mandy Boylett opposes the further rundown of North Tees Hospital  (Gazette 27th Oct)

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UKIP supports free hospital parking

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Hospitals Letter

Press Release


Local UKIP members have chosen their candidate to fight the Stockton North constituency.

Successful businesswoman Mandy Boylett says her priority issues will be housing, healthcare and jobs. Little new low cost housing is being built in Stockton North and there is huge pressure on North Tees General Hospital since the closure of Hartlepool Hospital’s A&E & Maternity Units. There is a lack of jobs in general and in particular a shortage of training and apprenticeships for young people.

Mandy is 50 years of age, and married to Andy. They have two children and celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary this year. Andy has a degenerative disease of the spine – so Mandy knows at first hand some of the issues around caring and disability.

She is scathing about the cynical recent moves by the Labour and Lib Dems in Parliament to amend the hated “bedroom tax”, saying nothing less than its complete removal will be acceptable to UKIP.

Mandy’s childhood was difficult, with her father dying when she was six and her mother frequently in hospital. She went to a comprehensive school and then on to university. Starting out as a statistician, she then set up an internet marketing business.

After UKIP came first locally in the Euro elections, Mandy believes now is the time to challenge Labour in Stockton North.

She says: “I am excited, privileged, and honoured to be chosen by UKIP members to stand as their General Election candidate in Stockton North. After over 30 years of neglect by the Labour Party, Stockton North has so many challenges. It’s time for a party that will make a difference and a person that will make a difference. The party is UKIP, and the person is Mandy Boylett.”

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