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Unions have dismissed the Government’s fast-tracking of a compensation scheme for energy intensive industries in last week’s Budget, claiming the move will be a mere “blip” on company balance sheets of Teesside’s heavy industries (Gazette, 20th March).

The UK’s energy intensive manufacturing and chemical industries have been crippled in recent years by exorbitant energy bills caused by so-called green energy subsidies and the Carbon Trading scheme, imposed on companies by the Climate Change Act 2008. It is already too late to save some of our industry now – it has already moved to China and India where the EU Climate Change rules do not apply.

Ironically this move leads to an increase in global carbon emissions as the environmental standards in these countries are so much lower than those in the UK. China is still building cheap coal fired power stations at the rate of one per week! These moves result in both a loss of jobs in the UK and a loss of exports from the UK.

Roy Rickhuss, of the Stand up for Steel campaign, states that this is not a party political issue. However, I would say that it is. Only UKIP will repeal the Climate Change Act 2008 which costs the economy £18bn a year. UKIP will also abolish green taxes and charges in order to reduce fuel bills.

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