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David Cameron has been telling UKIP voters “it’s time to come home”.  How arrogant and out of touch he is. Here in Stockton North, UKIP has been making gains across the whole political spectrum. Certainly, a huge part of the support has come from former Labour voters, attracted by our policies on the minimum wage (those on minimum wage will pay not tax or national insurance), housing (no to the bedroom tax) and, of course, immigration. I have heard first hand stories of how some people in Billingham lost their jobs to cheap foreign labour.

If I’ve been doing a good job of getting my message across to those in the area who used to vote Conservative, they will understand that Stockton North is a two horse race between UKIP and Labour. So in this constituency, a vote for the Conservatives is in fact a vote for Labour. Rather than return to the Conservative ranks, and find themselves run by a puppet Ed Miliband with Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon pulling the strings, former Conservative voters need to stay with their new home, UKIP, the only party that Believes in Britain.

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